Difference between Traditional Marketing and Online Marketing.

The difference lies in the forms of media.

Traditional marketing involves marketing through print media, direct mail, referral, and broadcast media, while online marketing is marketing over the internet through search engines and social media. Traditional marketing involves publishing your advertisement or messages in the above mentioned platforms for instance, airing your ad on a TV channel or radio station. It can also seeing an ad in the newspaper or even a billboard advertisement.

Online marketing however involves everything to do with the Internet. It is about putting your ad up on Google or creating videos on social media and sharing them to with users all around the world. Everything is done in the digital world  so prospective businesses do not have to print out anything.

Another difference would be the coverage of these marketing.

Traditional marketing has a fairly limited audience coverage as compared to online marketing. Traditional marketing targets whoever is reading/watching the ad through that platform which means only people who read the newspaper would see the ad. However in online marketing, everyone who is searching for a particular query and inputs a certain keyword will see the ad and website in their search results. This means that more people, target and even non-target audiences, are gaining awareness of the brand. When compared to traditional marketing at each platform, online marketing has far more reach of audience.

Though traditional marketing still is an effective strategy that worked well in the past as well as now, it incurs more cost and less coverage as compared to online marketing. We will explore the benefits and cost of online marketing in the next page to give you a better idea of why its recommended to engage in online marketing.